Friday, January 26, 2007

We have been had

Sumer history was written after Ur III fell. Lagash kings 34-54 years Enhegal reigns over Lagash. (o-56) Sargon battles this king. 54-60 Lugal-Suggur reigns as king. Rimush
(56-65) 60-90 years Ur-Nina reigns at Lagash. Annapadda king of Ur 60-105 years recognizes Ur-Nina's government. Annapadda builds temple of Ninhursag. Ur-Nina's grandson Eannatum was nourished on the mother goddess Ninhursag Annapadda created. This proves Lagash's history appeared in Sargon's lifetime and not before. Annapadda's temple p. 308 The Sumerians by Samuel Noah Kramer. You don't know where you are going in life until you know where you have been. From the time mankind left the Tower of Babel to Abraham's 75th year marks 326 years of civilization just like the book "Where the Bible Meets History" has previously mentioned. (Lagash history uncovered January 14, 2007) Annapadda dies 105th year in the history of nations but a king arises not on Ur's king list. Lugalkignnedudu reigns as governor of Erech and king of Ur 105-114 years. He writes his history on RED GRANITE AND WHITE MARBLE. Lets check Egyptian history using Bible chronology: 0-18 Djoser, 18-42 Snefru, 42-64 Khufu, 64-71 Redejef, 71-95 Khafru, 95-121 Menkauru, 121-125 Shepsekaf 125-135 Userkaf & 135-149 Sahuru. MENKAURU uses RED GRANITE on the third pyramid at Giza and Greeks from the island of Cythera give MENKAURU WHITE MARBLE. Akkadian kings: Sargon 0-56, Rimush 56-65, Manishtusu 65-80 and Naramsin 80-120 years. Samuel Noah Kramer's book "The Sumerians" state Naramsin attacked Egyptian king Manium. Well, pharaoh Khafru had good trade relations with Ebla a city Naramsin destroys, so Manium = Menkauru. THIS EGYPTIAN KING BUILT HIS PYRAMID WITH RED GRANITE. Naramsin takes RED GRANITE QUARRY STONES OUT OF EGYPT. Naramsin is allied with Lugalkignnedudu who protects southern Sumer while Naramsin fought against Menkauru. Ur-Nina's son Arkugal reigns at Lagash 90-95 years and the Ummanites burn down his city. 95-123 years Eannatum rebuilds Lagash and states he conquered Erech and Ur therefore driving Lugalkignnedudu out of those cities. Meskiagnannar became the next king of Ur 114-150 years. He rides a chariot;Eannatum rides a donkey driven chariot and so does Naramsin. Correct history shows the Bible as a historical accurate document, so you know few people will believe in these last days before Christ returns.

Friday, January 12, 2007

If Mankind Only Knew

God is a mathematician. From the Genesis 10:10 cities to Genesis 12:4 represents 0-326 years of mankinds civilization. The 326th year marks the downfall of the Sumer civilization, the same
326th year when Abraham leaves Haran to embrace God upon the death of his father Terah.
0-326 years from Peleg's birth to Terah's death. From Sargon's-Nimrod's reign at the Genesis 10:10 city of Accad to Naramsin of Accad's downfall = 120 years. Gutium control over Sumer-Akkad 91 years = 211 years. Utu-Khegal of the Genesis 10:10 city of Erech 211-218 years. and
Ur III 218-326 years. Ur falls to the Elamites the 326th year. Elamites fall to Abraham Genesis chapter 14 the 332nd year in the history of nations. Kindattu (Chedorlaomer) destroyed Abraham's Ur and Abraham kills the king who destroyed his hometown. Kindattu's nephew is
Indattu I 332nd year called the "son of Pepi". Egyptian history 0-330 years. 0-18 Djoser builds
Tower of Babel in stone called the Step Pyramid. 18-42 years Snefru developes trade with Byblos,Lebanon a city where Sargon-Nimrod 0-56 years of the Genesis 10:10 city of Accad has
also developed trade with. 42-64 years Khufu son Snefru and grandson of Pathru-ism (Genesis 10:14) builds the great pyramid at Giza. 64-71 years Redejef's son Djebseb explores New Wales
Austrailia according to hieroglymps discovered there. If Egyptians got that far, they surely brought their boats to Accad some 6,000 miles closer to Egypt, therefore Magan in Sumerian means the Egyptian nation. 71-95 years Khafru builds the second pyramid at Giza and establishes trade with Ebla, Syria before Naramsin 80-120 years destroys Ebla. The pole bearers in the Naramsin Stele look like the pole bearers on the Narmer Palette. 95-121 years
Menkauru reigns over Egypt. Naramsin states he defeated Manium king of Egypt in battle, so
Manium is proven to be Menkauru by Biblical numbers. The Narmer Palette Egyptian king is actually Sahuru who strikes the same pose at Wadi Maghara. The Narmer Palette is not pre-dynastic. 121-125 years Shepsekare completes Menkauru's pyramid and he is assassinated by the Egyptian priesthood. 125-135 years Userkaf reigns and builds a temple on the island of Cythera to develope trade with the Greeks. 135-149 years Sahuru developes trade with Asia-Minor and Punt. Sahuru produces electrum. King Meskiagnannar of Ur 114-150 years produced electrum. The people of Ur had plumbing. A copper pipe was found at Sahuru's temple and Egyptian king Unis 149-178 years builds a five bedroom suite equipped with bathrooms under his pyramid for his journey in the afterlife. 178-191 years Unis son-in-law Teti builds a temple
complex dedicated to the Holy Stars. Gutium Gudea 180-201 years builds a temple at Lagash,
Sumer in honor of the Holy Stars. Egyptian Pepi I 191-240 years developes trade with the rebuilt city of Ebla,Syria and Gudea 180-201 years developes trade with Ebla,Syria. 218-236 years Ur-Nammu has a dream about the afterlife where he regrets not being able to hold his son on his knee. Pepi I Egypt 191-240 years Egyptian king Pepi I son is carved in stone sitting on his mother's knee. Pepi I produce the first copper statue. Ur-Nammu has a copper statuette made
in his image. 240-330 years Pepi II reigns over Egypt. The 318th year the Amorites rebel against Egypt and serve Chedorlaomer for 12 years until Pepi II dies in 330th year. Then in year 332 we have Indattu I the Elamite king calling himself the "Son of Pepi". The average history book won't tell you our Bible is a historically accurate document. Check the truth out for yourself. The biblical numbers are accurate; our God has been truthful!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Where it all began

Where it all began so many moons ago when angry members of mankind shook their fists at the heavens cursing God who destroyed their wicked ancestors in the torrential rains of the global flood. Atlas man had a new beginning in his exploration of Babylon opening the gates to new reasoning while dancing with the dead. Mankind had 100 years where people could formulate a civilization upon the worship of God, yet mankind chose to become like gods. People rejoiced at their Tower and God came down and saw the rebellious crowd. Soon an earthquake sent mankind scattering and nations were created and the populations were related but war raged like a forest fire. Man created his own religion based on power, greed and murder. Assyria became the first nation coming under Sumer domination. The blood of Assyrian farmers and their families cried out in the fields. Suddenly, mankind forgot all about their wicked ancestors whom perished in the flood for Sargon/Nimrod became man's first priest-king on earth. Sargon's daughter Enheduanna became the first moon priestess of Ur; Enheduanna married Annapadda the first moon priest. Djoser at Sakkara, Egypt built the stairway to heaven, "Step Pyramid" for his journey into the stars and the witches in Babylon drew up the 56 card Tarrot deck convincing people their fate lie in the starry skies. 56 tribes actually left Babylon. Peleg = the 56
member for upon his birth-mankind left the Tower of Babel. Joktan is Peleg's younger brother, so Joktan and his family members were born at a later date. Pagans worshipping at Stonehenge at ancient times placed 56 abbey stones in a circle in honor of the 56 tribes which fled Babel.
What's in a number? 56 represents crisis. Sargon?Nimrod's reign ended the 56th year. Joseph was 56 years old when Jacob died. America was in crisis when 56 Americans signed the "Declaration of Independence". Abraham Lincoln was 56 years old when he died. 19-56 International trade effected by the Suez crisis in the war against Israel. World War II ends in
1945. Some 56 years later 2001 terrorists attack New York city. Adolf Hitler was 56 years old
when he died. Does man act on the number 56 or does God? Our world is a beautiful place if we resist the forces of darkness. It is man who has brought forth all wars not God. Expand your mind and read both history and prophecy. Explore truth as you gain knowledge. We live in the imformation age. Take advantage of the gift. Embrace the creator who loves you.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Bible history

Step into the ancient world of biblical history where God's word is being verified by Biblical numbers. No more can evil man state the bible is a book of myth and legends. Mankind's history
begins with civilization which doesn't start until mankind flees the Tower of Babel. The Bible says civilization started with the Genesis 10:10 cities and Sumer history ends when Abraham's father Terah dies at age 205 when Abraham is 75 in the 326th year in the history of nations.
Peleg is born 0 year as mankind scatters from the Tower. Reu is born the 30th year in the history of nations, Serug is born 62nd year, Nahor is born 92nd year, Terah Abraham's father is
born the 121st year. Terah 121-326 years. Who were the secular kings reigning in these 326th years? Sargon/Nimrod of the Genesis 10:10 city of Accad 0-56 years, Sargon's son Rimush 56-65 years, Sargon's son Manishtushu 65-80 years, Sargon's grandson Naramsin reigned over Accad 80-120 years. Naramsin troops were stationed in the Genesis 10:11 city of Nineveh. Gutium barbarians reigned over Akkad/Sumer 120-211 years. Utu-Khegal king of Genesis 10:10 city of Erech reigned 211-218 years and Ur III's dynasty 218-326 years. Terah and Abraham leave Ur year 318 some 430 years before the Exodus. The history of Ur. Mesannapadda & Annapadda reign at Ur 34-114 years. Annapadda is Ur's first moon priest married to the moon priestess Enheduanna the daughter of Sargon. The archaeologist know this. They don't want to verify biblical history. Meskiagnannar 114-150 years at Ur. Electrum is produced at Ur. Pharaoh Sahuru 135-149 years acquires silver from Punt to make electrum in Egypt. The Puntities got the silver from Ur, since there are no silver mines in Africa. Gutium chieftain Elulu after taking over Accad, he takes over Erech and Ur reigning over Ur 150-175 years; Gutium Balulu reigns at Ur 175-211 years, Utu-Khegal 211-218 years in the history of nations and Ur III 218-326 years. Abraham was born in year 251 in the history of nations, so Abraham will have left Ur 318 year before the Elamite king Kindattu (Chedorlaomer of Genesis chapter 14 destroys Ur). Abraham later slays the king who destroys his home town. The Bible simple math reveals the accuracy of God's word in the days before Armageddon find God and your place in heaven.